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Women at the Well Ministries

Struggling with mental and emotional illness, especially as a born-again Christian, was baffling and devastating to me. I didn't understand things like "give it to God." Thoughts of suicide were frequent and acted upon. I could not trust myself any more. Some of my Christian friends could not understand why I found the need to admit myself to a psychiatric hospital. Some told me I didn’t have enough faith. Others said I needed to pray more, and read my Bible more. Many said, “Just give it to God.” I confess that I did not know what that meant. Intellectually I could understand it, but practically, I didn't have a clue how to give anything to God. I wanted to know how to take every thought captive, just as it says in the Bible. At the time there was no one who would teach me how to do these things? I read the words in the Bible, but practically speaking, I could not understand these things.

He led me through suicide attempts, admitting myself to psychiatric hospitals, and eventually being involuntarily committed to the state mental hospital in San Antonio, Texas. While confined in this state hospital, God Almighty instantly and miraculously delivered me from mental and emotional illness, sexual promiscuity, and alcohol and drug abuse once and for all, from a past of physical, sexual and emotional abuse since the age of 4. In 1995, He led me to write THE WOMAN AT THE WELL...today BIBLE STUDY to teach to woman who suffer silently with mental and emotional issues how to transform their negative thoughts, so they can make positive choices, have meaningful relationships, and experience inner peace regardless of their circumstances. After that, He walked through the painful experience of putting my story in a book, THE WOMAN AT THE WELL...today

Women at the Well Ministries has helped women in abusive relationships find safety; fed homeless people literally and spiritually; clothed men, women and children with garments; ministered to hundreds of people who felt hopeless; provided resources for food, shelter, transitional housing, and other such resources. WAW Ministries provided a homeless shelter for homeless women and their children, while giving them spiritual food through the Word of God. 

The success of this Bible study has been astounding! The WAW study is a different kind of Bible study. No matter what our issues in life may be, the Word of God forces us to make a decision to surrender or return to our vomit. That's why the study is so effective. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then this study is for you. It's personal, intimate, and goes deep to the core of issues. Each week builds upon the previous week. To miss one week makes a noticeable mark. It is an intense in-depth, verse by verse inductive Bible study of the Samaritan woman in John, chapter 4. It then goes to the heart of the study, using the biblical principles in Philippians, chapter 4, verses 6-9. In Philippians the teaching is word by word, truly dissecting what the Lord is teaching us. 

It is Scripture based with homework, which I call "heart-work." However, I have never heard a complaint about how much heart-work they need to complete. Nevertheless, this heart-work can be downright painful. God pulls no punches when He digs deep to take out the festering boils in our soul. The study is not easy, as it takes you to a crossroads where you must decide if you are going to surrender all to God, no matter the cost or pain, or are you going to turn around and go back, or...stay stuck where you are. There is the point in the study that everyone MUST decide which way they will go.

The Woman at the Well...today Bible Study is not for everyone. That's why there is a pre-registration to enter the class.  

Are you ready to surrender all?

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