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The 3 Areas Discussed at the First WAW Bible Study

Posted on March 18, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Last night was the fcfirst night of 14 weeks of THE WOMAN AT THE WELL...today BIBLE STUDY. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord puts together people of commonality. Great group of women. Anxious to see what the Lord has planned for each of them.

We covered last night was the Introduction. This is when I explain what WAW Bible Study is all about. 


  • A group of women who come together to learn from the Bible what it means to give it to God, and take every thought captive.
  • A place where you will learn the meaning of surrendering all to God.
  • A place that teaches forgiveness is high on the list of commands from God's Wrod.
  • A place where you are not alone in your circumstances and where other women identify with your situation.
  • A safe place where you can allow the LORD to pull out the root causes of your painful past.
  • A place where pity parties must find new locations.
  • A study where you will learn how to use the tools God has already given to you.
  • A place where you cannot hide within yourself and continue to feel shame or guilt.
Then I shared a little about my testimony and what led to me write this Bible study. After that the women shared why they were attending WAW Bible study, what they hoped to get out of it, and some of their testimony. That's where you see the common denominator that has brought the women together.

1.  After that they took turns reading sections of Do You Want to be Made Well. In this section I share the story of the man at the pool of Bethesda, when Jesus said, ...do you want to be made well? I ask them
  • Are you ready to accept the responsibilities that goes along with being made well or whole?
  • You must give up your need to control the circumstances in our lives
  • You must give up the desire to manipulation people, places and things, in order to make yourself comfortable, no matter what.

2.  We discussed My Responsibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Openness
  • Am I willing to persevere in my heartwork (homework)
  • Memorize the Memory Verses
  • Let God reveal the things in my heart
  • Receive God's forgiveness, no matter how I feel
  • Accept His forgiveness for any sins I have committed
  • Forgive all who have hurt me
  • Remember to forget to mull over and over those thoughts that cause me pain

3.  If I am willing to do those things, then what is God's Willingness
  • God will give me the strength to press on
  • God will show me how to move forward in my relationship with Him, my family, and my life
  • God will forgive me of all sin
  • God will direct my path to forgiving those who have caused me pain
  • God will reveal to me how to receive His love
  • God will change my pain to bring glory to Him and bring comfort to others

To get a workbook for yourself, your group, or your church, click on Products and order your copies today. To learn the story behind what led me to write this in-depth study, get the companion book, THE WOMAN AT THE WELL...today.


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