Women At the Well Ministries

A ministry to women who suffer with mental and emotional problems


We are always looking for women who have attended a Women At the Well Bible Study and would like to share with others how the Lord has worked in your life since the study. Read more testimonials in the WAW workbook, from women who had attended the classes over the years.

Quotes Was in your first class. Really helped me. I pray other women will see this and take the class. The Lord can do a mighty work, if we let Him. Quotes
The Lord can do a mighty work, if we let Him

Quotes Just want to thank you for obeying God and having a heart of Jesus.I will never forget the day my life took a change for the better. When I was sharing something, and you looked right into my eyes and said, So!! Johanne what makes you think you are better than Jesus. The room got quite, and no one said a word. I was so use to people patting my back and saying, oh it's going to be OK we all go through things. At that moment something happened, and I knew you were right. God was telling you what I needed to hear, (Johanne is not better than God,) and I fell in love with Jesus even more that day. And every day I'm growing more and more and falling deeper in love with my Jesus, Things still go on in my life but now I know deep in my heart , that at that moment my Jesus is holding me. I pray I never stop growing. Love you Barbara thank you for telling me the truth and not what you thought I wanted to hear. Quotes
I'm Not Better Than God