Women At the Well Ministries

A ministry to women who suffer with mental and emotional problems

Lesson 1 of THE WOMAN AT THE WELL...today BIBLE STUDY consists of the WelcomeIntroduction and a 4 1/2 page section titled "Do You Want to be Made Well."

The welcome and introduction include what WAW Bible study is and is not about. The Group Leader gives a brief testimony, and then the remainder of time the attendees each give a short testimony. This is a great ice breaker. Of course, no one is mandated to speak, but all at least give their name, reason they're attending and what they expect from the class.

It's the section "Do You Want to be Made Well" that goes into detail, including things like their commitment, confidentiality; what they can expect from God, when they are open and honest, and ready to surrender all to HIM.