Women At the Well Ministries

A ministry to women who suffer with mental and emotional problems


THE WOMAN AT THE WELL...today BIBLE STUDY is dedicated to you who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. There are three pages of testimonies from women who have gone through the class. They share how their lives have changed because of the tools and principles taught in WAW Bible Study. One woman shared that it was not as easy study, but she went on to express the blessing she experienced because of walking through the pain. They have found forgiveness, freedom, new service in the Lord, healing and ministry.

The fruit of healing, freedom, and thriving is not always happiness. If personal happiness is the sole reason you would consider taking this class, you will probably be disappointed. Change, and healing occur when we are wholly dissatisfied with our condition of heart and soul. Surrendering all and pursuing His agenda is the key to a right relationship with the Father.

You will learn how to "give it to God," and "Take every thought captive." God will create a heart of love where there was none. He ill turn unbearable pain into abundant peace. You will learn how to transform those negative thoughts, so you can make positive choices, have meaningful relationships, and experience inner peace, regardless of your circumstances.

I believe the only valid and lasting reason to change is to know God, to embrace His purpose for your life, and to deepen your loving anticipation in His coming. Do you want to know God, to experience what it means to not only be alive, but also thrive in His presence? Do you want to to return to Him the praise of your grateful heart? Even if you have little desire, and other motives apparently weigh larger in your heart - join in one the journey. It will be an honor to walk with you for such a time as this.

You can find Purpose and Goals here